To post your handicap click here to go to the GHIN website or download the GHIN, or MGA, app(s) from the Apple or Android app stores.

A basic premise underlies the USGA Handicap System, namely that every player will try to make the best score at each hole in every round, regardless of where the round is played, and that the player will post every acceptable round for peer review. – The USGA Handicap System Manual

1. Getting Started
Upon signing up for the Sterling Farms Men’s Club (through this web site, at the pro-shop or through the postal mail) our volunteers make every effort to activate you in the GHIN system as soon as possible. Our standard is to activate members (new and renewing) within 10 days of receipt of their application and payment. During most of the season, activations occur much quicker than this. Periodically when there is a large amount of applications, our volunteers can take up to 10 days. If for any reason you are not activated in the system within 10 days, please contact us.

Being activated means that you have been assigned a GHIN # that can be used nationwide and a local # that can only be used at Sterling Farms Golf Course. Once activated you will be able to search for yourself on GHIN’s handicap lookup page.

If you do not know your GHIN # or local #, here are some ways to get them: Open up your email titled “Handicap eRevision Newsletter from the MGA” and click on “Click for your e-revision” near the bottom of the page. The opened web page will display your GHIN # at the top of the page. Go to the pro-shop and print out a handicap label. The handicap label includes your local #, GHIN #, Handicap Index and last 20 scores among other information. Upon searching for your name in the pro-shop computer, you will see your local # listed on your profile page with your latest scores. If the above has not worked for you, please contact the Handicap Chairman.
* If you have had a GHIN number in the past year from another club and would like for us to import all of your old handicap information, please include your GHIN # on your application and/or payment.

2. Posting Your Scores
A. Member Responsibility
All members are responsible for posting their scores played during an official playing season and to properly adjust scores for Equitable Stroke Control.
The rule is simple: Every time you play at least 13 holes of an 18-hole round (7 holes of any 9-hole round) whether at home or away, good or bad, match or stroke play – THE SCORE SHALL BE POSTED.
The Handicap Committee within the Men’s Club is responsible for ensuring that effective sanctions are established and applied to those members who disregard handicap responsibilities.

B. Posting in the Pro-Shop
One of the easiest ways to remember to post your score is to post immediately after your round is complete on the computer in the pro-shop. Once on the computer you can post a score with your last name or local #. Please ask a fellow member or contact a board member if you are having any difficulty with the computer.
*When traveling to a different course, if they have a GHIN computer, you can post your score on their computer (if you have your GHIN#).

C. Posting on the internet
Posting your score on GHIN is easy to do if you know your GHIN#, especially if the pro-shop closed before your round was complete. Just don’t forget to go online and post it. If you were competing in an event and do not post your score by Sunday night you will be disqualified.

D. Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)
Equitable Stroke Control was created to prevent an exceptionally bad hole from significantly increasing your handicap. The USGA introduced a simple, straightforward, and easy-to-remember procedure to adjust scores* (for inputting into the computer) under Equitable Stroke Control (ESC). ESC sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player’s Course Handicap.
Handicap of 9 or less, no more than a Double Bogey. Handicap between 10-19 no more than a 7 on any hole. Handicap between 20-29, no more than a 8 on any hole. Handicap between 30-39, no more than a 9 on any hole. Handicap of 40 or above, no more than a 10.

* Please remember that your ESC score is only used when inputting your score into the computer. You must write down your actual score for each hole on your scorecard as well as on the board (if you are signed up in the weekend event).

E. Handicap Active Season
The 2013 handicap season for Sterling Farms Men’s Club is April 1 – November 14. If you play in southern states such as FL, SC, CA, etc. you should post all your scores year round.

3. Deleting / Adjusting A Posted Score
Once a score has been posted to the GHIN system it can only be deleted or adjusted by a member of the Board of Governors who has administrative permissions. Please contact the handicap chairman for any deletions or adjustments.

4. Dropping Off Scorecards
Our scorecard drop boxes get filled quickly and often throughout the active season. We only require our members to drop off their scorecards from the weekend events. Unfortunately the drop boxes get filled with scorecards from other courses as well as non-competition rounds at Sterling Farms Golf Course. Please keep our scorecard drop boxes clean by only placing a scorecard that concurs with you signing up for a weekend event on the board.
*Tournament events and qualifying rounds require members to turn their scorecards into the pro-shop staff.

5. Tournament (T) Scores
We require our members to post Tournament (T) scores for specific events. These include:
President’s / VP Cup Qualifying Round
President’s / VP Cup
Member / Member
Club Championship Qualifying Round
Club Championship
Governor’s Cup
Member / Guest
Interclub Qualifier
Player of the Year Finals
Shoreline Qualifier
Failure to post a ‘T’ score for these events will lead to disqualification.
In addition to the above events, members that play in golf tournaments such as the Stamford City Amateur Tournament, MGA sponsored tournaments and similar such events should post these scores as ‘T’ scores.

6. Signing Up On The Board for weekend events
For weekend events, competitors must sign up on the bulletin board in the appropriate scoring sheet (Flight A,B,C,D or White Tees for Individual Play or any sheet for team play) immediately before teeing off. Make sure to include your last name and local number.

7. Additional Information
Do you still have handicap questions or would like to learn more about the handicap system? Check out the USGA’s online Handicap System Manual.