Best Ball of Two (October 8-October 11 2020)

Pos.PlayersTo Par GrossTotal GrossPursePoints
1Marciano, Anthony + Rubino, Frank173$40.0050
2Ninan, Jacob + Parappallil, Joji173$30.0040
3Duggan, William + Duggan, Ryan375$20.0030
4Spiller, James + McCarthy, Simon375$16.0020
5D’estrada, Art + Rossi, Brian476$14.0010
Pos.PlayersTo Par NetTotal NetPursePoints
1Pozzi, Daniele + Hochstedler, Shelton-864$40.0050
2Moskowitz, Ben + Moskowitz, David-666$30.0040
3Malloy, Kevin + Simms, Stephen-666$20.0030
4Kolenberg, Bob + Canora, Lenny-567$16.0020
5Stunkel, Brian + Behan, Kevin-567$14.0010
6Mukhtar, Salman + Dubman, Howard-567$12.00 
7Arist, Jonathan + Snyder, Andrew-567$10.00

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The rules are a changin’… maybe!

In the proposed changes, there will be no more “water hazards.”  All current water hazards, plus any other red-staked areas, will be deemed “penalty areas.” ...