Best Ball of Two (July 16-19 2020)

Pos.PlayersTo Par GrossTotal GrossPursePoints
1McCabe, Declan + McCarthy, Simon-963$40.0050
2Velander, Chris + Arias, GeorgeE72$30.0040
3Molina, Paul + Blackinton, Ted173$20.0030
4Rossi, Brian + Rossi, Steven274$16.0020
5Wells, Skip + McHugh, Joseph274$14.0010
Pos.PlayersTo Par NetTotal NetPursePoints
1Engler, David + Legutko, Steven-1062$40.0050
2Kolbrenner, Max + Rathman, Peter-1062$30.0040
3van Dyke, David + Ward, Jackson-1062$20.0030
4Stendardi, Matthew + Malloy, Shaun-963$16.0020
5Ninan, Jacob + Parappallil, Joji-963$14.0010
6Arist, Jonathan + Snyder, Andrew-864$12.00 
7Farrell, Brian + Laughinghouse, Scott-864$10.00

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