Match Play vs Par (June 12-14 2020)

Flight 1    
Pos.PlayerStableford PointsPursePoints
1Vassalotti, Mark5$20.0050
2Mayfield, Jeff0$15.0040
3Russo, Jamie0$10.0030
4Rossi, Brian0$8.0020
5Whetsell, Robert0$7.0010
Flight 2    
Pos.PlayerStableford PointsPursePoints
1Hochstedler, Shelton5$20.0050
2Beal, Justin5$15.0040
3Hatzis, Peter4$10.0030
4Francis, Patrick4$8.0020
5Sciarretta, Michael3$7.0010
Flight 3    
Pos.PlayerStableford PointsPursePoints
1van Dyke, David3$20.0050
2Bankson, Brian3$15.0040
3Kreussling, Bill3$10.0030
4Riesett, Greg2$8.0020
5Ward, Jackson1$7.0010

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