Match Play vs Par (May 15-17, 2020)

Flight 1    
Pos.PlayerStableford PointsPursePoints
1Rossi, Brian0$20.0050
2Lionetti, Alex0$15.0040
3McCabe, Declan-1$10.0030
4McCarthy, Simon-1$8.0020
5Duggan, Ian-1$7.0010
6Arias, George-1$6.000
7Weissman, Chad-1$5.000
Flight 2    
Pos.PlayerStableford PointsPursePoints
1Behan, Kevin3$20.0050
2Katz, Michael3$15.0040
3Beal, Justin1$10.0030
4D’estrada, Art0$8.0020
5Stendardi, Matthew0$7.0010
6Tarleton, John0$6.000
7Francis, Patrick0$5.000
Flight 3    
Pos.PlayerStableford PointsPursePoints
1Hatzis, Peter2$20.0050
2Kreussling, Bill1$15.0040
3Schuck, Michael1$10.0030
4Paladino, Joseph0$8.0020
5Cook, Jim-1$7.0010
6Ward, Parker-1$6.000
7Bankson, Brian-2$5.000

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