Weekend Results: 6/28/19 – 6/30/19 (Match Play vs. Par)

Gross Gross Net Net
FinishNameScore FinishNameScore
1stMark Vassalotti1 up 1stJamie Russo2 up
2ndRobert Whetsell4 down 2nd Alex Lionetti1 up
3rdBrian Rossi6 down 3rdJoe McHughEVEN
4thRalph Vitti III6 down 4thBill Duggan1 down
5thTed Blackinton9 down 5thJoh Sanfilippo2 down
    6thJie Xing3 down
    7thSeizo Mazer4 down
12 to 16 Handicap Flight B      
Gross Gross Net Net
FinishNameScore FinishNameScore
1st Dennis Vagnone10 down 1stRon Spitzberg3 up
2ndLenny Canora10 down 2ndTom Yates2 up
3rdKevin Behan11 down 3rdGreg Bautista1 up
4thJake Ninan11 down 4thKevin CorboEVEN
    5thBob Kolenberg3 down
    6thPat Dillon3 down
    7thArt D’Estrada4 down
17 plus Handicap Flight C/D      
Gross Gross Net Net
FinishNameScore FinishNameScore
1stRalph Dagostino11 down 1stDave Oberhand6 up
2ndKeith Fitzgerald12 down 2ndDavid Haight4 up
3rdAndrew Gardiner13 down 3rdPete Silver3 up
4thMark Forrest13 down 4thBill KaufmanEVEN
5thPeter Benoliel13 down 5thSteve RossiEVEN
    6thBob FogelEVEN
    7thPanos Triantafyllos1 down
  9 HOLES ONLY    
    Net 1stTom Bonfiglio4 down

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