Weekend Results: 5/17/19 – 5/19/19 (Two Man Combined)

Gross Gross Net Net
FinishNameScore FinishNameScore
1stBill Duggan165 1stMark Stendardi144
 Seth Burston   Shaun Malloy 
2ndMark Vassalotti167 2ndJeff Bankson147
 Seizo Mazer   Brian Bankson 
3rdBrian Rossi169 3rdJoe Paladino147
 Jake Ninan   Keith Pensiero 
4thJohn Masi171 4thHowie Meditz150
 Drew Humphrey   Pete Silver 
5thJamie Russo171 5thPat Francis150
 Andre Sieh   Steve Watson 
    6thArt D’Estrada151
     Steve Rossi 
    7thRich Giordano152
     Chris Tensen

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