Weekend Results: 4/19/19 – 4/21/19 (Best Ball of 2)

Gross Gross Net Net
FinishNameScore FinishNameScore
1stJerry Marifke70 1st Steve Rossi62
 Bart Weissman   Brian Rossi 
2ndTed Blackinton73 2ndDave Oberhand64
 Declan McCabe   Claude Bernstein 
3rdJamie Russo77 3rdKevin Behan65
 Andre Sieh   Terry Rhodes 
4thSkip Wells77 4thJonathon Papp65
 Joe McHugh   Lenny Canora 
5thColin Velander79 5thHoward Kraus67
 Chris Velander   Phil Granowitz 
    6thJeff Mayfield68
     Ian Solomon 
    7th Justin Beal68
     Brian Stunkel

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