July 27 – July 29: Two-Man Combined

Gross Gross Net Net
Finish Name Score Finish Name Score
1st Jerry Marifke 162 1st Brian Farrell 138
Declan McCabe Derek Williams
2nd Peter Perimenis 163 2nd Billy Lombardo 140
Mark Larobina Jack Palmer
3rd Pat O’Brien 169 3rd Howard Dubman 140
Frank Rubino Carl Tooker
4th Ralph Vitti 170 4th John McGroarty 143
Tom Yates Mitch Schepps
5th Brian Rossi 171 5th Dennis Vagnone 145
Mark Forrest Paul Vaccaro
6th Max Kolbrenner 146
Peter Rathman
7th Will Brooks 146
Shelton Hochstedler

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2015 First Annual Rules Seminar

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