July 7 – July 9: Sucker in the Bucket



Gross Gross Net Net
Finish Name Score Finish Name Score
1st Bart Weissman 74 1st Simon Gardiner 60
Chad Weissman Tom Rice
Mike Gaurneri Jeremy Murphy
Dave Persaud
2nd Marc Schultz 74 2nd Steve Rossi 64
Jamie Russo Brian Rossi
Seizo Mazer Art D’Estrada
Steve Carriero
3rd David Moskowitz 86 3rd Jeff Bankson 66
Ben Moskowitz Brian Bankson
Shelton Hochstedler Chris Tensen
Justin Beal Rich Giordano
4th 4th Mitch Schepps 66
Kevin Fahey
Larry Cowit
Paul Welch

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2015 Governor’s Cup Pairings

Attached is a PDF of the 2015 Governor’s Cup pairings. Please note the required dates for playing each match. Governor’s Cup Pairings PDF