June 30 – July 3: Two Man Combined

GROSS     NET    
Gross   Gross   Net   Net
Finish Name Score   Finish Name Score
1st Bart Weissman 147   1st Billy Lombardo 138
  Mark Vassalotti       John Palmer  
2nd Jerry Marifke 155   2nd Howie Meditz 141
  Rob Colucci       Rich Leviss  
3rd Mike Krahn 162   3rd Bob Burlin 144
  Marc Schultz       Ron Spitzberg  
4th John Masi 164   4th Hal Zerman 144
  Peter Perimenis       Dave Zerman  
5th Joe Sargis 165   5th Mike Cacace 146
  Tim Dausch       David Haight  
        6th Jamie Russo 146
          Panos Triantafyllos  
        7th Tom Aberle 147
          Bill Duggan

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