May 19 – May 21: Two Man Best Ball

Gross Gross Net Net
Finish Name Score Finish Name Score
1st Brian Stunkel 70 1st Chris Velander 64
Alasdair Macmaster George Arias
2nd Howard Meditz 74 2nd Jamie Russo 64
Bart Weissman Mitchell Schepps
3rd Ralph Vitti 74 3rd Justin Beal 64
Lance McGray Will Brooks
4th Frank Rubino 74 4th Bill Duggan 65
Anthony Marciano Seth Burston
5th Declan McCabe 74 5th Art D’estrada 66
Jason Denker Brian Rossi
6th Mike Szemenyei 67
Peter Szemenyei
7th Marc Schultz 67
Matt Rende

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The rules are a changin’… maybe!

In the proposed changes, there will be no more “water hazards.”  All current water hazards, plus any other red-staked areas, will be deemed “penalty areas.” ...