September 25 – September 27 Results

9/25 – 9/27 Best Ball of 2
Gross Gross Net Net
Finish Name Score Finish Name Score
1st Jeff Mayfield 71 1st Ron White 61
Steve LeBlanc Howard Meditz
2nd Chris Velander 72 2nd Brian Rossi 61
George Arias Joe Carvelli
3rd Bart Weissman 73 3rd David Haight 62
Chad Weissman Mike Cacace
4th Alex Lionetti 74 4th Rich Giordano 63
Kevin Corbo Dan Hogan
5th Seizo Mazer 75 5th Simon Gardiner 66
Marc Schultz Dave Persuad
6th Terry Rhodes 66
Chris Calrow
7th Howard Kraus 66
Dave Oberhand

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