2014 September 26 – September 28 Weekend & White Tee Results

Two Man Best Ball

1st    Steve LeBlanc    71
Steve Simms

2nd    Panos Triantafyllos    74
Jamie Russo

3rd    Chris Velander    75
Marc Schultz

4th tie    Alex Lionetti    75
Kevin Corbo

4th tie    Lou Argenio    75
Allan Salvatore

1st tie    Ben Moskowitz    61
David Moskowitz

1st tie    Steve Osmond    61
Jason Neer

3rd    Ben Bauer    61
Bill Acker

4th    Brian Rossi    63
Steve Rossi

5th    Brian Stunkel    63
Kevin Behan

6th    George Triantafyllos    65
Shaun Malloy

7th    John Palmer    66
Chris Tensen

8th    Howard Dubman    66
Myron Melinkoff

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