2014 June 6 – June 8 Weekend & White Tee Results

Best Ball of Four

1st Drew Humphrey 149
John Masi
Marc Larobina
Peter Perimenis

2nd Jeff Mayfield 154
Bill Duggan
Billy Lombardo
Rob Carlucci
1st Stuart Bufferd 123
Ralph Dagostino
Seizo Mazer
Frank Santilli

2nd Dave Oberhand 127
Dave Moskowitz
Kerrin Behrend
Phil Granowitz

3rd Terry Rhodes 128
Kevin Behan
Jack Vogler
John McGroarty

4th Art D’Estrada 130
Brian Rossi
Steve Carvelli
Steve Rossi

5th George Triantafyllos 130
Shuan Malloy
Steve Simms

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