Sentinel Maintenance PoY Standings Through 9/22/19

1Lenny Canora1875
2Bob Kolenberg1400
3Mark Vassalotti1257.5
4Declan McCabe1250
5Joseph McHugh1140
6William Duggan1095
7Timothy Dausch1080
8Jerry Marifke1062.5
9Jamie Russo1060
10Brian Farrell1010
11Peter Silver1000
12Jonathan Papp955
13Skip Wells900
14Cahal McMonagle875
15Andre Sieh870
16Kevin Behan850
17Paul Spingola835
18Kerrin Behrend820
19Shelton Hochstedler790
20Howard Meditz770
21Bart Weissman750
21Jeff Mayfield750
23Claude Bernstein690
23Mitchell Schepps690
25Ryan Duggan675
26Jacob Ninan670
27Andrew Gardiner660
28Terry Rhodes645
29Seizo Mazer630
29Ted Blackinton630
31Robert Fogel620
32Alex Lionetti605
33Eric Bleile600
33Ronald Spitzberg600
35Ian Duggan575
36Mark Rossetti570
36John Martellino570
38Howard Kraus550
39Frank Geiger540
40Robert Haggerty Jr.530
40Justin Beal530
42Colin Velander520
42Eric Pentore520
44Ted Steede510
45Dennis Vagnone505
46David Moskowitz480
47Cole Conrad475
48Max Gross465
49Ben Moskowitz460
49Mark Forrest460

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