Weekend Results: 9/13/19 – 9/15/19 (Stroke Play)

+ to 11 Handicap Flight A      
Gross Gross Net Net
FinishNameScore FinishNameScore
1stMark Vassalotti75 1stSkip Wells69
2ndBart Weissman80 2ndAnthony Marciano70
3rdFrank Rubino80 3rdSeth Burston72
4thJamie Russo80 4thTed Steede73
5thBrian Rossi81 5thTom Yates73
    6thJeff Mayfield75
    7thTed Blackinton76
12 to 16      
Gross Gross Net Net
FinishNameScore FinishNameScore
1st Ben Moskowitz80 1stBob Kolenberg70
2ndDennis Vagnone83 2ndJake Ninan71
3rdJim Spiller85 3rdAndrew Gardiner71
4thBrian Stunkel86 4thArt D’Estrada71
5thPaul Spingola86 5thJohn McGroarty72
    6thBill Morris73
    7thChris Velander75
Gross Gross Net Net
FinishNameScore FinishNameScore
1stJonathan Papp84 1stChris Terzian69
2ndPanos Triantafyllos89 2ndHoward Dubman70
3rdBill Kreussling89 3rdBill Ward70
4thMark Forrest90 4thShaun Malloy72
5thEd Levene91 5thDave Oberhand73
    6thSalmon Mukhtar73
    7thJustin Beal75

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The rules are a changin’… maybe!

In the proposed changes, there will be no more “water hazards.”  All current water hazards, plus any other red-staked areas, will be deemed “penalty areas.” ...