Weekend Results: 9/6/19 – 9/8/19 Match Play vs. Par

+ to 11 Handicap Flight A      
Gross Gross Net Net
FinishNameScore FinishNameScore
1stTed Steede3 down 1stBill Duggan3 up
2ndJamie Russo3 down 2nd Roger Haggerty1 up
3rdJerry Marifke5 down 3rdAndre Sieh1 up
4thRobert Haggerty Jr.7 down 4thPeter Perimenis1 up
5thJoe McHugh7 down 5thLenny Canora1 down
    6thJohn Masi2 down
    7thAnthony Marciano2 down
12 to 16 Handicap Flight B      
Gross Gross Net Net
FinishNameScore FinishNameScore
1st Kevin Miller8 down 1stSteve Simms3 up
2ndBob Kolenberg9 down 2ndTim Dausch2 up
3rdKevin Behan9 down 3rdPaul SpingolaEVEN
4thTony Carlucci11 down 4thArt D’EstradaEVEN
5thJake Ninan11 down 5thBill Morris2 down
    6thKerrin Behrend2 down
    7thBrian Stunkel2 down
17 plus Handicap Flight C/D      
Gross Gross Net Net
FinishNameScore FinishNameScore
1stJustin Beal12 down 1stPeter Rathman2 up
2ndMark Forrest13 down 2ndBill Ward1 up
3rdTerry Rhodes13 down 3rdPanos TriantafyllosEVEN
4thShelton Hochstedler13 down 4thChris Tensen2 down
5thDavid Vandyke14 down 5thJackson Ward2 down
    6thSalmon Mukhtar2 down
    7thMax Kolbrenner3 down

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